Remo and Assunta (Susie) Perrella, June 21, 2022, Cranford, New Jersey

Remo and Assunta (Susie) Perrella On October 21, 2021, there was a great reunion. A short year and a half earlier, Assunta (Susie) Perrella left this earth due to complications from pneumonia….and on a cool October day, Remo Perrella, her husband of 58 years, joined her.

Remo Perrella was born on May 18, 1925 in the Italian section of the Bronx. After the passing of his mother, he and his 2 brothers, William and Emilio, were sent to Italy to be raised by their maternal extended family. Years later, Remo would return the US…

You can find the complete original obituary on this website.

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