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Winona State will use 3 options for fall students

In addition to hosting a number of its courses online, the university is implementing various precautions against the coronavirus, such as converting all of its residence halls to single-room occupancy.

Don’t skip a ‘beet’ this summer

While they may not be a common staple in your home, beets are loaded with nutrition benefits. From liver support and increased exercise performance, to better bones and overall heart health, nothing beats eating a beet!

Warm weather continues

Besides a few isolated thunderstorms passing by the area on Tuesday, our weather looks to stay warm with lighter winds.

Matthews propels Honkers to 5-4 victory over Mankato

Bryce Matthews’ three-run, first-inning homer was exactly what the doctor ordered, and some lights-out relief from the Rochester bullpen sparked the Honkers to their second win of the season.

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