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Trujillo, John Adam

Trujillo, John Adam , 84, of Anaheim, died 2/10/19.

Johnston, Maria Del Rosario

Johnston, Maria Del Rosario passed away on Saturday, February 9, 2019, at the age of 83. Funeral arrangements will be held on Friday, February 15,…

Hood, Michael Chester

Hood, Michael Chester , 71 of Irvine, died 2/10/2019.

Ancco, Carmen Maruga

Ancco, Carmen Maruga , 61 of Santa Ana died 2/9/2019.

McVicar, Debra Wentworth

McVicar, Debra Wentworth , 67 of Dana Point died 2/8/19.

Tamolinas, Nicholas

Tamolinas, Nicholas, 40, of Garden Grove, died 1/26/19.

Barron, Bonie

Barron, Bonie , 81 of Irvine, passed away 2/11/2019.

NICK STROBEL: Lots to see in pre-dawn sky this month

One day last week I got an early start to work before sunrise. The eastern sky was clear and bright with the twilight flow of approaching sunrise and there, in the middle of the eastern sky, were the two brightest…

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