Editor’s Note: We need to do better

Everyone has a bad day or week.

I think the hallmark of responsibility is to be the first to admit that your day was pretty bad, and that was exactly what happened with last week’s edition of Tehachapi News.

On two fronts we failed to execute and we apologize.

First off, we are retracting Jon Hammond’s column from last week about Shafter’s shuttered Bugseum, because it failed to meet a basic accuracy test. The museum is no longer open and, in fact, has been closed since 2014. Hammond is a cherished member of this community and his writing voice is unique, but he failed (as did we) by submitting a story without fact checking it first. It was irresponsible and Jon has assured me that it won’t happen again. We also have to do better.

Secondly, I have to apologize for some recent problems with our print quality. Some may not have noticed, but I have and that led to discovering a technical problem at our printing plant in Bakersfield. We take a lot of pride in our keeping our press in great working order, and sometimes just the slightest problems can cause the newspaper to look muddy or washed out — depending on the issue.

In addition to my role as editor of Tehachapi News, I also oversee the production facility in Bakersfield and ensuring quality printing is one of my goals with my team there. All of them are as committed to making the Tehachapi News a great looking newspaper each week.

We are proud of this newspaper and we are proud to serve this community, but we need to do better. That is our promise.

Louis Amestoy is vice president of content for TBC Media and is editor of Tehachapi News.

He can be reached at 661-395-7232

You can find the complete original obituary on this website.

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