Open Casket vs. Closed Casket

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When preparing a viewing, family visitation, or funeral ceremony, you must select whether you prefer an open casket or a closed coffin. Open caskets are more traditional, and they are less expensive. Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ are reputable funeral homes that can guide you through the various options you may wish to consider.

An Open Casket Funeral

A funeral service in which the deceased’s body is displayed in a casket is referred to as an open-casket funeral. This type of service is available for loved ones and friends to say their final goodbyes. Only the top half of the casket is left open, revealing the person’s face, shoulders, and upper body. Below are some benefits of an open casket funeral:

You Will Have More Time to Prepare for an Open Casket Funeral

If the death of the deceased was unexpected, folks who live far away might find it difficult to attend the funeral because of the sudden nature of the news. Your loved one will be embalmed to be able to be buried in an open coffin. This procedure helps to preserve their body, giving you more time to prepare a funeral that will be well attended. Seeing the deceased one final time to say goodbye can be a significant source of consolation and can allow a loved one to begin the process of healing.

Everyone Can Say Their Final Goodbyes in an Open Casket

An open casket allows relatives and friends to say their final goodbyes to the deceased by holding them in their arms. Your loved ones are given the utmost attention to ensure that they look their best throughout the preparations. An open casket allows everyone to be comforted by the sight of the departed, who appears to be in good health and at peace.

A Closed Casket Funeral

As the name implies, a closed-casket funeral is a sort of funeral service in which the casket of your loved one is kept wholly closed throughout the wake, service, and burial process. Some benefits of a closed casket funeral include:

Protection of the Condition of the Body

A public viewing may be inappropriate depending on how the loved one died and the body’s condition at the time of their death. If the deceased was ill and had lost a significant amount of weight before passing away, you may wish to consider a closed casket. The deceased may not want to be recognized and remembered the same way they were when they died, which is understandable.

Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZReligious Consideration

Some religious traditions do not promote the use of an open casket and they insist that the body be buried as soon as possible upon death. Each religion may or may not differ.

According to what has been stated thus far, there is no correct or incorrect way to prepare a funeral. The final consideration is what your loved one would have enjoyed the most. If you have any difficulties, you can contact funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ.

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