Eufracia Herrera

Born 10/27/1942       Passing 12/27/2020 Age 78

Today January 12, 2020, we pay our respects to you, our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and dear friend.

You unexpectedly departed from our world on 12/27/2020, at 7: —–p.m. Due to Covid 19, we your children Carmella, Robert, David, Angelica, Jose (Kiko) and Theresa, sadly, could not be by your side and you faced the most difficult time of your life alone without your family.

You may have heard our voices as we spoke to you and prayed for you to get well and return home?

However, unknown to us, God planned your departure and with welcoming open arms he offered you his loving embrace and a new home in Paradise.

For those who recognize that forgiveness releases us from the sorrows of the past, please know that we release the memories of hurt, bitterness and sorrow, so we can all find relief in our hearts. PLEASE rest in peace MA, knowing you will always be dearly missed, remembered, and loved.

We each offer you from deep within our heart a “THANK YOU” for giving us life, hours of shared happy moments, and moments of laughter. For our time spent together drinking cups of coffee and enjoying a delicious slice of your favorite “Banana Cream Pie,” a precious memory that will accompany us each morning and bring us tears followed by a big smile.

For all the times we laughed as we prepared meals together and ate some of your favorite foods, walked for ice cream, visited the flea market shopping for the best deals. And yes, you even went out with your daughters and granddaughters to a Chicago dance club, and we all had so much fun that night. The best memories will always be treasured and remembered Ma, along with your beautiful smile and your favorite quote … “I’m Happy Happy!”

“THANK YOU, MA,” for reminding us to eat well, take vitamins, and take better care of ourselves.

“THANK YOU, MA,” for the precious hugs and love you gave to your grandchildren Lupe, Erica, Pedro Luis, Little David, Alyssa, Kayla, Adriana, Grace, Emilio, Alexia, Isabella, and Noah, and to your great-grandchildren Tylor, Christopher, Anthony, Zoey, Adamaris, Joaquin, Orlando and Ignacio.

Our friends and distant family members, spoke of remembering you as being kindhearted and caring, always laughing, and Luis Nieves (a cousin) even went as far to say, “Your mom was the most beautiful kindest women I ever met.”

Today we refuse to say good-by, for we will unite one day again. Our hearts tell us you are near, and we feel your presence. Please take care of each of us from your new home in Paradise, and when our day comes to join you, please extend your arms so we may feel your loving embrace and sit by your side.

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