Christopher D. Lewis

Christopher D. Lewis, passed away unexpectedly on August 7, 2017. Born in Yakima, Washington on April 8, 1949, to Lester and Carol Lewis, Christopher was deeply loved by people throughout the communities in which he lived, including Yakima, Sun Valley and Seattle. He was funny and witty, with an arsenal of jokes for almost every occasion. He greeted all those he met with a big smile and a firm handshake – instantly putting people at ease. He loved people, his dogs, and a host of activities including; skiing, boating, camping, road trips, coaching his kids’ sports teams. He was curious, entrepreneurial and kind, and a successful business owner for more 25 years, founding and growing Sports Northwest and CityLeague Sports.

But most of all, Chris will be remembered as a deeply committed father and husband. Nothing mattered more to him than his family. His sons fondly recall his sage advice and continuous support. One of Hart and Rob’s favorite memories is heading out to Lake Washington on the Flying Goose for a boys’ night out with their dad. There they would talk and laugh, and finish the evening with a messy plate of spaghetti that Chris fixed and the boys ate without forks!

From his earliest days waterskiing in Vantage to boating in Desolation Sound to time with his kids at the mountains, Chris loved being outdoors. It was his release from a busy life and a demanding business, a place for connecting with family and friends. He sited his office in a marina where he could still tinker with his boat.

Chris attended Arizona State University and the University of Washington. He was a member of the SAE fraternity and SOYPS. He is survived by his wife, Amy Truex Lewis, his two sons Hartley Truex Lewis and Robert Carroll Lewis, his sister Vicki Lewis Walters and his brother Walter Nicholson Lewis. He will be sorely missed by them and an extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and friends who cherished their time with him, and miss him deeply. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Seattle Medic One Foundation.

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