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The most recent listing of obituary notifications for Missouri, United States.

Alberta Ann Winschel

Alberta Ann Winschel, 65, of Perryville died October 6, 2016 at her residence in Perryville.

David Hagan

David J. Hagan, 62, of Perryville died October 7, 2016 at his residence in Perryville.

Sr. Mary Genevieve Moonier, DC

Sr. Mary Geneveive Moonier, DC., 97, was laid to rest on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Los Altos, Calif., after 79 years as a Daughter of Charity. She died on Friday, August 26 at Laboure…

Evelyn Mary Schubert

Evelyn Mary Schubert, 95, of Perryville died October 1, 2016 at her residence.

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