Wanda Madeline (Turner) Dennison Oct. 20, 1931 – Aug. 11, 2017

John 11:25-26

Jesus said to her, “I am the the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will never die.”

kAm(2?52’D H:D9 42>6 ECF6 pF8] “[ a_`f[ H96? D96 2H@<6 😕 962G6?] (2?52’D A2C6?ED H6C6 H2:E:?8 7@C 96C 😕 v=@CJ 2D H6C6 96C 36=@G65 9FD32?5[ v6@C86 s6??:D@?[ $C][ EH@ D@?D[ v6@C86 s6??:D@? yC] 2?5 (:==:2> Wq:==X s6??:D@?j 2?5 E9C66 3C@E96CD[ v6@C86 r] %FC?6C[ |6CC:== t] %FC?6C 2?5 {6H:D }] %FC?6C]k^Am
kAmq@C? ðŸ˜• |2C:@?[ x?5:2?2 E@ uC65 2?5 p=>2 %FC?6C @? ~4E] a_[ `hb`[ (2?52 H2D 566A=J =@G65 2?5 D96 =@G65 ;FDE 2D 566A=J] $96 H2D DF49 2 3=6DD:?8 E@ 6G6CJ@?6 H9@ <?6H 96C] (:E9 96C D:8?2EFC6 8:88=6 2?5 E92E EH:?<=6 😕 96C 6J6[ (2?52 82G6 @7 96CD6=7 7C66=J 2?5 6IA64E65 ?@E9:?8 😕 C6EFC?] $96 H2D G6CJ A2DD:@?2E6 7@C E96 {@C5 2?5 96C 72>:=J] w6C u2:E9 😕 E96 {@C5 DFDE2:?65 96C E9C@F89@FE 96C =:76] $96 2EE6?565 r@?G6CD6 &?:E65 |6E9@5:DE r9FC49 H96C6 D96 H2D 2? 24E:G6 >6>36C @7 E96 49@:C[ &?:E65 |6E9@5:DE (@>6?[ E6249:?8 G242E:@? q:3=6 D49@@= 2?5 D6CG65 2D EC62DFC6C @7 ~FEC6249]k^Am
kAm~? y2?] f[ `hd_[ D96 >2CC:65 E96 =@G6 @7 96C =:76[ v6@C86 s6??:D@?] %@86E96C E96J 925 7@FC 3@JD] sFC:?8 96C H@C<:?8 J62CD D96 H2D 6>A=@J65 H:E9 u@DE6C u@C36D 564@C2E:?8 p’~} 3@EE=6D 2?5 =2E6C H@C<65 2D 2 E6=6A9@?6 @A6C2E@C 7@C r@?G6CD6 r@?D@=:52E65 %6=6A9@?6] $96 2?5 96C 9FD32?5 @H?65 2?5 @A6C2E65 s6??:D@? %C2:=6C !2C<[ 2?5 7@C 2 D9@CE E:>6 E96J @A6C2E65 |2CEJ’D C6DE2FC2?E] x? 96C 7C66 E:>6 (2?52 6?;@J65 E96 @FE5@@CD[ 7:D9:?8 H:E9 96C 9FD32?5[ 4@==64E:?8 x?5:2? DE2EF6D 2?5 D96 H2D 2 E2=6?E65 24CJ=:4 A2:?E6C]k^Am
kAm(2?52 =62G6D E@ 496C:D9 96C >6>@CJ EH@ D@?D[  y2>6D s6??:D@?[ !6CF[ 2?5 %9@>2D W{:D2X s6??:D@?[ r@?G6CD6j EH@ 52F89E6CD:?=2H[  r2C@= s6??:D@?[ |2C:@?j !2> Wv2CCJX r2>56?[ p>3@Jj D:DE6C[ |23=6 $E6G6?D[ |2C:@?j k^Am
kAm$96 H2D q=6DD65 H:E9 `a 8C2?549:=5C6?[ rJ?E9:2 s6??:D@?[ |2EE96H s6??:D@?[ vC68@CJ W$92??@?X r2>56?[ zFC< WqC2?5JX r2>56?[ q6E9 Wt=G:?X w6CD4936C86C[ %@?J s6??:D@?[ %23:E92 s6??:D@?[ v6@C86 WqC2?5JX s6??:D@?[ y@9? W{:?5D6JX %:33:ED[ qC25 W{@C:X y@?6D[ |2C:2 Wy6DD6X q@H=2?5[ #J2? s6??:D@?j `e 8C62E 8C2?549:=5C6? 2?5 @?6 8C62E[ 8C62E 8C2?549:=5]k^Am
kAmp 46=63C2E:@? @7 (2?52’D =:76  H:== 36 96=5 @? (65?6D52J[ pF8] `e[ a_`f[ 2E ` A]>] 😕 ~H6?(6:=6CEsF?42? uF?6C2= w@>6[ {2CC:D@?|2CE:? r92A6=[ b_g t] |2C:@? $E][ r@?G6CD6[ x} H:E9 E96 #6G] #:492C5 ~=D@? @77:4:2E:?8]  %96 G:D:E2E:@? H:== 96=5 36 7C@> “ 2]>] F?E:= D6CG:46D 2E E96 7F?6C2= 9@>6]k^Am
kAm%96 72>:=J 2D<D E92E 5@?2E:@?D 36 >256 E@ E96 r@?G6CD6 &?:E65 |6E9@5:DE r9FC49[ `_h t] (232D9 $E][ r@?G6CD6[ x} ceh`h]  k^Am
kAm~?=:?6 4@?5@=6?46D >2J 36 >256 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH]@H6?H6:=6CE5F?42?]4@>QmHHH]@H6?H6:=6CE5F?42?]4@>k^2m]k^Am

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