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Rain on the way later this week, may impact Thanksgiving travel

Rainfall could make Thanksgiving travel even worse than usual as an 80 percent chance of precipitation is forecast for the Bakersfield area Wednesday, with as much as three-fourths of an inch of rain called for over the Tejon Pass.

PHOTO GALLERY: Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

A Thanksgiving turkey giveaway was held on Saturday at Greater Harvest Church. Around 250 turkeys were given away. The event was sponsored by local Wingstop owners Clint and DeeDee Lewis in partnership with the church and Upside Productions.

McMillian, Brenda

McMillian, Brenda, 77, of Downey, died 11/15/18.

Epley, Donna Marie

Epley, Donna Marie, 54, of Cypress, died 11/12/2018.

Lopez, Cristian S.

Lopez, Cristian S., 47, of Westminster, died 11/13/18.

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