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Paredes, Raul Leoncio

Paredes, Raul Leoncio, 80, of La Puente, died 9/13/2018.

Berglas, Suzanne

Suzanne Berglas Rancho Mirage – Suzanne Berglas of Rancho Mirage passed away at age 90. She was a strong, elegant, beautiful lady. Her careers…

PHOTO GALLERY: Swollen rivers near record levels as Florence looms

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — With Wilmington cut off from the rest of North Carolina by still-rising floodwaters from Florence, officials plan to airlift food and water to a city of nearly 120,000 people as rescuers elsewhere pull inland residents from…

Community Voices: Give the Nobel Prize to a true economist

Give Trump the Nobel Prize for economics? On what planet does Stephen Moore reside (“Give Trump the Nobel Prize for economics,” Sept. 12)? Trump is not an economist. Other than perhaps a few college courses in economics, he is not…

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