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Sharon Kappelman

Sharon Kappelman, born May 19, 1940, to Maryan and Willis Crank, Jr. in Carrollton, Missouri, peacefully passed away on Sept. 6, 2018. She is preceded in death by the love of her life, Ellis Kappelman, and both of her parents. She moved to China Lake/Ridgecrest, California as a new bride in…

PHOTO GALLERY: 70th Primetime Emmy Awards

(AP) As Emmy Award nominees nervously wait to hear their name called, or not, there’s more on the line at Monday’s ceremony than personal glory. “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels is tasked with turning viewership around, after the 2017…

Caltrans studying possible passing lanes on Highway 58

Truck-climbing lanes that would allow motorists to pass big rigs traveling on Highway 58 from Bakersfield to Tehachapi may be a future project due to a new study Caltrans is endeavoring to complete by next summer.

STEVE FLORES: The Beach Boys and me

I was returning from a business trip and my short layover was in LAX. He was standing in front of me in a short line on the tarmac. We were waiting to board our flight to Bakersfield.

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