Letter to the editor: Two cases, one systemic issue

Danny Morrison’s Aug. 8 column, “Blacks and browns aren’t afforded the benefit of the doubt like Giumarra,” was well stated, and thank you for that. It’s simple: Regardless of who may be determined to be at fault for the tragic accident involving John Giumarra lll, the fact remains that evidence has already been presented that he was impaired and in possession of an open container of hard booze at the time of the mishap. Furthermore, prosecutors will present evidence that he left the scene. What’s your defense, Mr. Giumarra? Right: You’re a white man of substantial means, so you and your legal team are above the law.

To further illustrate the point of Morrison’s piece — and mine — The Californian ran a front page article in the same Aug. 8 issue about two white (former) Kern County law enforcement officers who were found guilty of conspiring to distribute stolen drugs. Distribute it to whom? Our kids? And they essentially walked. Yes, I know that case was adjudicated in and by another jurisdiction, but this suggests to me a systemic issue, as was the point of Morrison’s column.

Michael Clark, Bakersfield

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