Letter to the editor: Sentences were disgustingly lax

Disgust is the only word that comes to mind when it comes to Logan August and Derrick Penney’s slap-on-the-wrist sentence (“Former sheriff’s deputies sentenced to probation for conspiring to sell drugs they stole,” Aug. 8). Do our law enforcement leaders realize what kind of message this sends to the community? I have never witnessed such a blatant double standard.

I would like to ask judges and prosectors a simple hypothetical question: What would the recommended charges be against a regular citizen if that person broke into the Kern County Sheriff Department’s evidence room and committed the same crimes as August and Penney?

I would put my money on a conviction much different than that of Logan and August. Isn’t probation and a fine the type of thing you might get for a first DUI? Shame, shame , shame on U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence O’Neill. In addition to the embarrassment of that sentence, fellow Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Wonderly had the audacity to say of his fellow crooked deputies: “I do not judge people by mistakes they have made …” He then goes on to talk about the criminals’ “amazing achievements they have accomplished in their lives.” That kind of unwavering blue brotherhood mentality should be very troubling for any community. I know it is doubtful, but I would really like to hear Sheriff Donny Youngblood speak out on this matter, now that it is a closed case.

Keep up the great work you all do at The Bakersfield Californian.

Ian Journey, Bakersfield

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